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I need two assignments to turn in.. the first page- Please write a one page paper about any topic in chapter 11… Then the second page—Let’s Talk about Race: Jennifer Chernega, TEDXTrondheim

Please watch the assigned video and write one page reflection paper using questions. Additionally, a 250 word paragraph about the normalizing deviance in the chapter. Please review the criteria…
1) What was the video about? 2) Name in detail at least three things that you learned from the video. 3) What chapter in your textbook did the video relate to? 4) How were you able to make the connection between the video and the chapter? You must answer all four questions in essay format. Your paper must be doubled spaced and you must use Times New Roman 12-point font. PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE- name, title, date, or questions.

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Chapter 11- Race and Ethnicity; video reflection on next page