In this post, I would like you to choose one small area of fashion and write a short, research-based essay analyzing the history and symbolic importance of an interesting fashion trend, both in terms of the trend itself and what it represents, and in terms of making connections to the people who wear the clothing. Keep your topic narrow so that the project remains manageable, and remember to include a thesis statement.

Sample topics that could work:

The trend for modest fashion and its influence on mainstream fashion profiles.
Doorknocker earrings and racial identity.
Sneakers and hip hop culture (you might need to narrow this down … it’s huge!).
Contemporary Islamic fashion and Muslim identity.
Changing fashion silhouettes.
The influence of Christian Dior’s New Look.
Coco Chanel and the Little Black Dress.
Men’s suits – in a work-from-home world, do they have a future?
Politically oriented fashion design.
Sustainability and fashion marketing – how are companies using greenwashing to sell more.
Case study on an upcoming trend in fashion and how it connects with current social issues.
Any topic that interests you and connects with clothing/make-up/jewellery, and examines the issue within the context of its broader significance.


Post directly into the discussion forum so that it’s easy for us to read your work, rather than attaching a file. You may wish to use an essay-like structure (introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion). If appropriate, you may present your findings using headings and subheadings, bullet points, or a numbered list. Make sure that your paragraphs are short and well organized: you should only tackle one topic per paragraph, and you will want to divide up any long paragraphs into shorter paragraphs of approximately 3-5 sentences.

Try to use a variety of sources; incorporate at least three. Don’t rely on Wikipedia, although it might be a decent starting point! Use accurate citations and references according to APA 7th edition guidelinee. APA citations for any direct quotations and any paraphrased content. Include APA references at the end of your post.

Changing fashion silhouettes