this paper you did for me last time .
I want from you to just do some adjustment that be suitable for published :

you should start by writing a paragraph explaining that this is a fictitious scenario of two imaginary organizations ( then give some details of these organization ) then mention that the purpose of this article is to offer recommendations on how to manage changes of this type.

here is the explanation of the two company :(Two large Architecture companies are about to merge together to create one giant architecture company. Both companies are public companies (shares listed on the stock exchange).
Al Mada Architecture company was established in Abu Dhabi in1970 and it is a very very successful traditional company with 50 physical branches in the Middle East and 500 employees. Al Shurooq was established in Dubai in the year 2000 and now has 10 branches around the world with 300 employees. Al Mada is a very traditional company with most of its architects are over 50 years old and always design traditional structures with minimum use of software. Al Shurooq, however, has young architects who are very influenced by the Zaha Hadid school and tend to design futuristic non-traditional structures, using very advanced software.
The CEO’s of both companies are extremely anxious (they know at least one of them has to go).
The news of the merger is not public yet. Only members of the Boards of Directors know about the merger. No one else knows. It is a fact, however, that restructuring is essential and ‘rightsizing’ is inevitable.
Here is what you are supposed to do:
You have been approached by a regulatory body (acting in the interest of all shareholders) to be a Change Management Consultant to offer advice on how to handle this ‘Change’. You are, therefore, required to write a report offering your advice on how they should implement the change.)

Change management