The case study shows on Q1.png and Q2.png

1. Individual Written Assignment 1,500 (30 marks)
Case Study Dick Smith text Book pp. 143-144
Answer the 3 questions on p. 144.
1. Use the case study and research to discuss Dick Smith’s business successes (Q1)
(Q 1 10 marks)
2. Please conduct further research to support your answers to Q2 and Q3. Cite at least 8 references.
(Q 2 5 marks)
(Q3 15 marks)

If you can have
Introduction-10-12 lines, introducing key concepts and definitions.

Question 1- Case study textbook

Question 2- Case study textbook

Question 3- Case study textbook.

Conclusion: 10-12 lines attempting to conclude everything you have written in your assignment.

Have about 8 references and they can be journal papers (for example, what I have attached). Please try and have a coherent structure, good research, the appropriate justification of argumentation and grammar/presentation. It is especially critical to have good research and justification of answers (so link between answers and appropriates sources).

Case Study Dick Smith text Book pp. 143-144