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20 Oct 2020 22:26

Case Analysis Final Paper Tips: Sections 3-5
Section 3
3.1: “Discuss how the Issues in the case impact individual employee issues, such as morale, commitment and conduct (min. 1 paragraph).”
Tips – Do an internet search for employee morale, employee commitment, etc., (note that morale is different than morals–be careful not to confuse them!). Relate this to your stakeholders and your issues–which are impacted and how. Use a source, to support your discussion.
3.2: “Discuss how the Issues in the case affect the corporate culture (min. 1 paragraph).”
Tips – Be specific–What is corporate culture, what type of corporate culture does the organization have? You can classify this as a negative or positive culture or an unethical/negative culture overall for the company. Is the unethical activity at the highest levels, the middle, or the lower levels of the company? Is the company negligent (meaning doing these things accidentally), or are they intentionally/knowingly violating laws/ethics? Be specific as to which of your stakeholders and issues relate to corporate culture. Use a source, for support.
3.3: Discuss what steps/actions management could consider to address the issues involving employee commitment and corporate culture (for example, leadership, training, codes of conduct, etc.) (1 paragraph). As with your Section 2, list 3-4 steps/actions, and list each specifically. Remember to write clearly and directly, such as, “Step 1 is for the company to….” “Step 2 is….” This will help you later in the paper.
3.4: List the pros and cons of each step/action. (1 paragraph)
Section 4
4.1: “Choose three possible ethical and moral philosophies (from the Week 4 Weekly Materials) that could have helped the company to avoid its unethical behaviors, and/or could help the company in going forward. Define each (with citation) and relate these to the Issues from your Section 1.” (3 paragraphs.)
Tips – Be specific. Be sure to go back and read the feedback from your instructor for your Section 1–in case editing your Issues can help you to earn a higher score.
4.2: “Choose one of the three ethical philosophies from Section 4.1, above, that could have prevented the issues, and/or would help the company in moving forward. Provide full explanation why this was chosen and is best (one paragraph). Provide full explanation on why the other two philosophies were not chosen (one paragraph). Briefly relate each of your Stakeholders, from your Section 1, to your selected philosophy (one paragraph). (3 paragraphs total.)” No tips – follow these 3-paragraph instructions.
Section 5 – Implementation
5.1: “Select 1-2 of your steps from Section 2.3 for implementation. Briefly explain your reasons for selecting these steps instead of the others, such as whether it relates to the selected philosophy, addresses more issues/stakeholder concerns, etc. (1 short paragraph).”

Tips – Be clear, such as, “The steps selected from Section 2.3 are Steps #1 and #3, which are __ and ___. These will best help the company to ___.” (improve __ stakeholder concerns, improve ___ issue, etc.) Clarity and brevity!

5.2: Select 1-2 of your steps from Section 3.3 for implementation (for a total of 3 steps). Briefly explain your reasons, such as whether it relates to the selected philosophy, addresses more issues/stakeholder concerns, etc. (1 short paragraph).

Tips – Be clear, such as, “The steps selected from Section 3.3 are Steps #1 and #2, which are __ and ___. These will best help the company to ___ (improve __ stakeholder concerns, improve ___ issue, etc.)

5.3: Improvements, Timeline and Monitoring (3 paragraphs) – Improvements: Discuss the improvements that would result from implementing your selected steps from 5.1 and 5.2. Timeline: Create a timeline for implementation of the actions needed for each step (can use bullet-points; be specific, such as 6 months, 1 year, etc.). Monitoring: Explain how you would monitor the long-term effectiveness of these steps/actions. (3 in-depth paragraphs.)

Tips – The key in this section is to discuss why and how to Implement your 3-4 selected steps/actions from 5.1 and 5.2, as follows:
Improvements – relate these to your Stakeholders and Issues from your Section 1–which would be improved when the steps/actions are implemented? Be specific.
Timeline: Need to make an actual timeline with steps/actions to achieve each (do an internet search for Training session, Codes of Conduct creation, improving corporate governance, improving corporate culture or ethical culture, improving sustainability, etc.)
Monitoring (Corporate Assessment, Corporate Evaluation, TBL and Balanced Scorecard): Need to identify 3-4 tools for use in ensuring that these changes will continue in the long-term, by monitoring their progress and effectiveness—also called Corporate Assessments and Evaluation tools, Balanced Scorecards, etc. Do an internet search for some of the following, depending on your company’s issues and your own interests: Corporate assessments and corporate evaluation tools such as employee surveys, ethics hotlines, employee wellness tools, designated ethical officers, and tools such as Triple Bottom Line and the Balanced Score

Case Analysis