This assignment requires you to compare and/or contrast two complex, related topics.  The essay must incorporate at least three different citations (2 quotes and 1 paraphrase) from 2 – 3 separate, published sources.  The final paper should be approximately 3 – 3 1/2 double- spaced, typed pages long, excluding the Works Cited.

The main point of this essay is to present a detailed, well-organized comparison/contrast, ensure that the essay has a clear purpose, and makes a point.  Avoid separating the two subjects and simply presenting facts to describe them. Instead, use the facts to shape a clear, balanced discussion that juxtaposes one subject against a second subject.  Isolate 2 – 3 clear categories of comparison that can shape the analysis. Avoid thesis statements that say “There is no right or wrong answer” or “There are many similarities and differences between X and Y; ultimately, one must decide for oneself.” Argue a point and show your preferences. Finally, make sure the topic sentences are strong and make a point. Avoid topic sentences that say “Another thing the two have in common is Z.” Your topic sentences should say something significant.

If possible, choose a topic related to your final research paper.  This will only help you conceptualize your research.  Below are some general topic suggestions:
Augmented reality vs. virtual reality
Mega farms/high tech farms vs. family owned farms
Social media activism vs. traditional activism
Email vs. snail-mail
Iris scans vs. card swipes for security
Online versus traditional classroom learning
Twitter vs. Instagram
Using online writing tools vs. live tutor
Online dating vs. real dating
Virtual sports/gaming vs. live sport
Traditional commerce vs. brick-and-mortar commerce
Virtual newpaper vs. print newpaper
Holographic concerts vs. live concerts

For this essay please examine reliable sources which discuss your topic such as books, local newspapers, The New York Times, or scholarly journals in JCC databases. Include in your essay 2 direct quotes and 1 paraphrase. Sources must come from 2 – 3 different published, print sources, only ONE of which can be a virtual website with no print counterpart. Remember to establish clear boundaries (e.g. signal phrases) around your references and to cite the author and page number in MLA style. Discuss the citations in the context of your body paragraphs. For this essay, do not place these citations in the introduction or conclusion

An outstanding paper will have the following elements:
A creative introduction and conclusion
A clear thesis presented at the end of the introduction
Clear topic sentences, coherent paragraphs, and detailed examples
Transitional words linking examples within a paragraph and between paragraphs
Proper word choice
1-2 direct quotes and 1 paraphrase from different print sources (not just websites)
Correct internal MLA documentation
Correct external documentation in the form of a Works Cited page listing the full bibliographic information for each separate sources.  Refer to Purdue Online Writing Lab for details.
Few or no grammatical errors

Buisness software compared to hardware