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My work up to this point has been focused on border security and inconsistencies over the past several decades. When the instructions refer to week 2 and 4 work, that’s the basis.

References used previously will be uploaded as a separate file.

Instructions from professor:
The Term Paper Assignment may expand upon the problems or issues described in the Week 2 Academic Article Critique Assignment, as supplemented by the Week 4 Annotated Bibliography Assignment. Students are not to copy and paste any portion of previously submitted work. References and concepts (not verbiage) from prior assignments should be used to complete the Term Paper Assignment.

The Term Paper Assignment will consist of at least 15 double-spaced pages (excluding title page, references, figures, illustrations, or other extraneous elements outside the main body of the paper). Students will format their paper using 12-point Times New Roman font and one-inch margins. Students will use at least 15 scholarly and trade references (Wikipedia, non-legitimate peer-reviewed websites, or blogs CANNOT be used as a reference). APA 7 th Edition guidelines are to be followed. The structure of the assignment must include the following sections and mandatory headings:

Title Page
Thesis Statement
Description of the Problem or Issue
Literature Review
Analysis and Discussion
Policy and/or Practice Recommendations

Border Security, inconsistencies over the last decades