Using the results and patient details that you obtained in the laboratory for each patient as specific examples, produce a concise, critical essay on the importance of the techniques and transfusion issues covered in the laboratory.
In your answer you need to include a critical discussion of:
• Patient identification, sample labelling and documentation.
• The tests used in hospital laboratories to ensure that transfusions are safe and why they are used.
• Clinically significant antibodies, using those antibodies identified in your results as examples.
• The selection and issue of red cells and other blood components and special requirements, using the patients and requests from this laboratory as examples.
• Any additional blood tests on the haematology part of the request forms and why they were done.
and u have to make sure that to discuss each patient case and why ask for transfusion and also note that when the patient info was checked one of them was rejected because the date of birth was note match which is patient Robbie Coltrane
Blood Grouping and Compatibility Testing