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Big Idea:
Biotechnology describes biological processes that have been manipulated or modified in some way through modern science. A major industrial application of biotechnology is in the development and preparation of biological medicinal products using genetically engineered bacteria, yeast, fungi, cells or even whole animals and plants.
Essential Question:
These types of products include a wide variety of biologics. How have these types of products been revolutionized? Where did they start? How did they advance the technology? What were the major break-through? Compare the older technology within pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals to current and future technology?
In addition I would like you to also state and describe the major players, companies, universities, research facilities, the types of professionals advancing the field, individuals and the future drivers of the industry. Please be specific and cite how you came to these conclusions.
Final please include, how do you see yourself fitting into the future of biotherapeutics?

Biotechnology Past, Present, and Future