Write an 8-page essay (not including cover and reference pages) analyzing one of your best training experiences and one of your worst training experiences. Be specific in discussing what made the experiences good or bad. Please review the content of Weeks 4-8 on learning theories, the design of training, training methods, training evaluation, and transfer of learning. This material should be reflected in your essay.
Your essay should include brief descriptions of the training experiences:
• The target audience
• The objective(s) of the training (see Week 5)
• The training site
• Training methods used (see Weeks 7 and 8)

The major focus of your paper is your analysis, which is worth 65% of the grade for this assignment. Your analysis should include:
• An assessment of the specific factors that contributed to the success or ineffectiveness of the training; for example, consider these questions:
o Did the training achieve its objective(s)?
o Was the training site conducive to learning?
o Were the methods chosen appropriate for the topic and the audience?
o Did you have opportunities to practice and receive feedback?
• A discussion of the learning theory or theories that you believe guided the training (see Week 4).
• A discussion of how your learning as well as the overall effectiveness of the training were evaluated (see Week 6).
• An assessment of the competencies, knowledge, and/or skills demonstrated or not demonstrated by the trainer(s). The ATD competency model (see Week 1) is a good resource.
• A discussion of whether or not you transferred what you learned to your job, and what contributed to your successful or unsuccessful transfer (see Week 4).
• Your specific recommendations for improving the training, based on what you now know about effective training programs.

Best and Worst Training Experiences Essay