Plan a Worship Service. This is a Baptist Worship service and you may be able to find examples online. Every word that is going to be spoken, prayed and sang must be word for word in document.

The student will plan an entire worship service. This plan will reflect the student’s implementation of the reading and lectures. The worship service should be “Cross-centered” in its songs, prayers, and sermon. The project will consist of three file:

1. In a single document (.doc or PDF), first prepare an outline of the elements (prayers, songs, Scripture, sermon, etc.) of a worship service. Then write 1-2 substantive paragraphs that explains why you chose these particular elements. Include a rationale for your choices based on biblical support, historical precedent, and practical considerations. Second, select songs for the service and give a rationale for your song selection in 1-2 substantive paragraphs. Third, write out all prayers and transitions that will be spoken in the service moving from one element of worship to the next. Fourth, create a brief outline of a sermon (Scripture references, main points). Due Week 7.

2. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation for the worship songs. Due Week 8.

3. Prepare a church bulletin for the service that includes a detailed order of service (.doc or PDF). Due Week 8.

Upload the three files (.doc, PDF, or PPT) in the corresponding assignment portals in Canvas by the due dates. For a video that gives substantive instructions for this assignment, see “Assignment Instructions: Plan a Worship Service” [8:05] in Canvas.

Here is a link to a video about the assignment.=.

I have also attached slides and other information to use..

Baptist Worship Service including full outline, powerpoint presentation of worship songs and church bulletin. 3 different docum