The first file is the highlighted section where she thinks you couldve put citation and some other things. The second file are her comments.

29 Oct 2020 06:17

Hello! I think this assignment and class is under social sciences because this course examines the lives of women in ancient Greece and Rome and how women were viewed in the ancient world.
You can pick any of the artifacts listed below in the document I have attached, however, I suggest you pick an artifact that provides a lot of information. I also attached readings for this assignment, they are just background information about the topic we are doing this week (Greece: Athens). I know this is not for me to say but please put a lot of effort because this is 20% of my total grade in this class. I would really appreciate it!
Also, I know there options for the format but I would prefer you to write a short (3 pages) paper about the artifact.

Readings/Background information
-Funeral iconography of the Classical Athenian woman –

-“Private Life in Classical Athens,” in Pomeroy (link to e-book), pp. 79-92 –[xhtml00000106]!/4/4/1:0

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