Make sure for every summary to add the link to the article used.

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This is nothing extra just instructions from the professor clearing up what exactly needs to be done for the assignment.

You need to find articles related to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and the 5 themes – 3 religions/5 themes.

For example, find an article on Judaism and gender/sexuality; find an article Christianity and violence; find an article on Islam and politics, find an article technology/social media and any of these 3 religions, find an article on violence and and one of these religions. Use any combination but address all 3 religions.

Read each article; summarize each article (a paragraph) followed by a concluding paragraph where you draw connections between what you have learned about the specific religion in class and readings, and what you’ve learned from the article.

In summary, you will submit five separate article summaries and conclusions.

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Here is a PDF link to one of the books- -PDF of the Invitation to World Religions 3rd edition book. Type the book title.
Prothero, Stephen. God is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions that Run the World New York: Harper Collins, 2010.
Brood, Jeffrey, and Lane Little, Bradley Nystrom, Robert Platzner, Richard Shek, Erin Stiles. Invitation to World Religions, 3rd ed. New York: Oxford University Press, 2016.

Religion in the News Assignments 5 Articles (one of each theme) related to religion and-environment/ecology-gender & sexuality-violence-politics-technology/social mediaYou will do the Religion in the News assignment for Judaism, Christianity, Islam (Abrahamic religions); and for Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism (Eastern religions)RELIGION IN THE NEWS WEBSITES – search these websites for articlesReligion & Ethics News Weekly – York Times Religion & Belief – Religion & Politics –
CNN Belief – FOX News Religion – NPR (National Public Radio) Religion

Articles Summary