1) Choose a topic of interest to you that crosses borders (for example, child growth stunting is
not an issue for just one country but occurs in many areas of the world).
2) Explain why this is a global public health issue. What are the social determinants that apply to
the issue? Provide evidence from the literature (My suggestion is the more sources you research
and apply to provide support to your paper, the more informative your paper will be). I would
encourage the use (at minimum) of six sources for your project. At least three of those sources
should be peer-reviewed journal sources. The SF Library database and the journal and video
resources in this course will be beneficial.
3) Describe two interventions that have been used to solve the issue. Include at least two pros
and cons of each intervention. Also, is there a unique intervention that you can suggest? Be sure
to provide support why this intervention may solve the issue.
4) Are there international agencies involved, and if so, what are they doing? If not, please
discuss why the agencies are not involved or (if applicable) discuss past agency involvement and
why the agencies are no longer involved.
5) What are some of the ethical issues that may be involved in addressing this issue?

Apenx B HSC