Question 1

Explain “agency” in your own words, and provide detailed examples from at least two of the texts we’ve read in this class about how a character or a historical figure displays their agency.

Question 2

Phillis Wheatley is often overlooked in critical scholarship because she does not explicitly use her poetry as a platform for abolition. Do a critical reading of the poems we read for class. What is potentially radical about her work? Make an argument about whether or not her poetry is subversive, using the lecture, context of the historical period, and lines from her poetry as evidence.

Question 3

Frederick Douglass writes about how slavery is damaging to everyone, including slaveowners. Using the Narrative, and the lectures, write a response that examines how the institution of slavery is damaging to white Americans during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Question 4:

What were the experiences of black women in slavery? Using the texts from this course, carefully explain the challenges that black women faced during slavery.

Answer the 4 question with 1 paragraph per question